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2020 SASB Index

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SASB Consolidated Standards
Topic Disclosure Title Disclosure Statement
Energy Management Total Energy Consumed


Wynn North America Power Consumption by Energy Type

Non-Renewable Energy Renewable Energy WNA Total Consumed
Year (MWh) (Gigajoules) (MWh) (Gigajoules) (MWh) (Gigajoules)
2015 195,944 705,400 - - 195,944 705,400
2016 191,815 690,534 - - 191,815 690,534
2017 181,086 651,912 - - 181,086 651,912
2018 155,918 561,305 21,189 76,281 177,107 637,586
2019 148,728 535,423 28,554 102,795 177,283 638,218
20201, 2 176,409 635,073 11,714 42,172 188,123 677,245

1Total 2020 electricity consumption for Wynn North America included both Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Boston Harbor.

2The Wynn Solar Facility took an unscheduled maintenance outage in 2020, resulting in decreased annual output.

Wynn Macau Limited Energy Consumption

Wynn Macau Wynn Palace WML Total Consumed
Year (MWh) (Gigajoules) (MWh) (Gigajoules) (MWh) (Gigajoules)
2015 135,017 486,060 - - 135,017 486,060
2016 128,994 464,379 56,107 201,984 185,101 666,363
2017 117,063 421,429 167,025 601,292 284,089 1,022,720
2018 115,188 414,677 163,634 589,082 278,822 1,003,759
2019 112,095 403,542 158,063 569,028 270,158 972,570
2020 98,996 356,388 127,390 458,606 226,387 814,994
Percentage Grid Electricity

Wynn Las Vegas Grid Electricity

Year Percentage of total electricity from the grid
2015 100%
2016 100%
2017 100%
2018 88%
2019 84%
2020 92%
Percentage Renewable
8% of annual energy consumed in 2020 at Wynn Las Vegas was from renewable sources.
Water Management Total Water Consumed, Percentage in Regions with High or Extremely High Baseline Water Stress


Wynn Resorts Water Consumption (Gallons x 1,000)

Year Wynn Las Vegas Encore Boston Harbor Wynn Macau & Wynn Palace Company Total
2015 526,930 0 290,720 817,650
2016 532,005 0 407,123 939,128
2017 508,295 0 609,815 1,118,110
2018 564,320 0 664,290 1,228,610
2019 520,525 0 652,896 1,173,413
2020 395,190 51,389 463,382 910,411

Water Management Statement:

Wynn Resorts is taking steps to monitor and reduce our water usage. Our programs include investing in smart technologies, monitoring water use on a functional basis, aligning best practices among each of our resorts, and investing in equipment for water use intensity. At all our resorts, we take steps to utilize technology that uses water more efficiently. We collect soil moisture measurements daily with a digital moisture meter, which feeds into a smart meteorological system that disperses water based on precipitation, temperature, and other specific weather conditions. Evaporation and runoff are also minimized through our precise drip irrigation systems. We continue to look for new opportunities to use water more intensely, and report our water use annually in this report.

Wynn Resorts Regional Water Risk Assessment 2020:

The availability of water as a resource varies among the regions of our resort operations. We assess water risk using the World Resource Institute Water Stress Map. In regions where an increased level of risk is identified, we prioritize specialized measures to responsibly allocate our water use by investing in water-smart facility machinery, integrating weather monitoring, expanding water recycling opportunities, and reducing external water intake.

Macau: Low - Medium (10-20%)
Boston/Everett: Medium - High (20-40%)
Las Vegas: Low (<10%)
Source: World Resources Institute: Water Stress Rating - Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas

Labor Practices Voluntary Turnover Rate for All Employees

Involuntary Turnover Rate for All Employees


Wynn Resorts 2020 Turnover Rates

Wynn North America Wynn Macau Limited
Voluntary Turnover Rate 9% 4%
Involuntary Turnover Rate 10% 2%
Average Hourly Wage, by Region The average hourly wage for Wynn Employees in North America was $27.71 in 2020.
Percentage of Hotel Employees Earning Minimum Wage, by Region


Percentage of Employees Earning Above Minimum Wage in 2020

Region Percentage
Wynn North America 99.99%
Wynn Macau Limited 100%
Description of Policies and Programs to Prevent Worker Harassment


Harassment Prevention Statement

We believe that all employees are entitled to work in a safe environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. The Company does not tolerate offensive, demeaning, insulting or otherwise derogatory conduct, and is committed to a workplace that is free from sexual harassment and harassment based on other legally protected characteristics, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law or ordinance or regulation. Such behavior is prohibited in any form, whether it occurs between coworkers, involves a supervisor, or happens with persons doing business with or for the Company, including guests and vendors. We take disciplinary action, up to termination of employment for inappropriate conduct. We also believe that we all have a role in creating a positive, safe, respectful work environment. All employees are required to follow and help enforce the Company’s harassment and discrimination-related policies, and advise the Employee Relations Department, the Compliance Officer, the Legal Department, or one of our hotlines if they believe those policies have been violated.

SASB Casino and Gaming Standards
Responsible Gaming Percentage of Gaming Facilities that Implement the Responsible Gambling Index


100% of Wynn Resorts, Limited properties adhere to the AGA’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming. We pledge to make responsible gaming an integral part of our daily operations.

Patrons may request at any time to be removed from any promotional mailings and for revocation of casino-specific privileges such as access to markers, player card privileges, and on-site check cashing. We reserve the right to exclude a patron from gaming without a request from a patron.

We provide current education to new employees on responsible gaming and provide periodic refresher training.

We make information available to all patrons explaining the probabilities of winning or losing at the various games offered by our casinos.

We advertise responsibly by including a responsible gaming message and/or a toll-free help line number in advertising messaging where practical. We place media where most of the audience is reasonably expected to be above the legal age to participate in gaming activity. We do not feature collegiate athletes or persons designed to appeal to those under the age of 21. More information can be found here.

As a Company that takes pride in guest loyalty, publishing accurate and consistent information is the foundation of building trust with our customers. Responsible marketing is part of the communication strategy across our business and is part of our commitment to responsible gaming. We advertise responsibly by including a responsible gaming message and a toll-free help line number in advertising messaging related to gaming where practical. We place media where most of the audience is reasonably expected to be above the legal age to participate in gaming activity. We do not feature marketing designed to appeal to individuals under the age of 21. Our marketing practices adhere to the American Gaming Association’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming.

Percentage of Online Gaming Operations that Implement the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Internet Responsible Gambling Standards

Smoke-Free Casinos Percentage of Gaming Floor Where Smoking Is Allowed

56% of Wynn North America gaming areas were smoke-free in 2020.
Percentage of Gaming Staff Who Work in Areas Where Smoking Is Allowed


Wynn North America 2020 Employees in Smoke-Friendly Gaming Areas

Property Percentage of Gaming Employees Working in Smoke-Friendly Areas
Wynn Las Vegas 78%
Encore Boston Harbor 0%
Wynn North America Total 52%
Internal Controls on Money Laundering Description of Anti-Money Laundering Policies & Practices


Anti-Money Laundering Statement

We adhere to the American Gaming Association’s Best Practices for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance. We follow the Best Practices to promote and foster a culture of compliance, by allocating substantial employee time to AML compliance, which includes:

  • Establishing a system of internal controls and policies and procedures to assure ongoing compliance with AML requirements.
  • Ensuring independent testing of AML compliance, of a scope and frequency that matches the money laundering and terrorist financing risks present.
  • Training casino personnel, as warranted for individual jobs, in the identification of unusual financial transactions or suspicious activities, in the recording and aggregation of currency transactions, and all legal requirements and the casino’s compliance policies and procedures.
  • Designating an individual or individuals responsible for assuring day-to-day AML compliance at all venues.
  • Providing adequate resources to compliance functions.
SASB Hotel and Lodging Standards
Ecological Impacts Number of Lodging Facilities Located in or Near Areas of Protected Conservation Status or Endangered Species Habitat


No Wynn Resorts properties are located in the following protected sites in 2020:

According to World Database of Protected Areas (WDPA):

  • Wynn and Encore Las Vegas: Not located on protected land.
  • Encore Boston Harbor: Not located on protected land.
  • Wynn Macau: Not located on protected land.
  • Wynn Palace: Not located on protected land.

Source: Protected Planet's World Database of Protected Areas (WDPA)

Description of Environmental Management Policies and Practices to Preserve Ecosystem Services


Conservation and Ecosystem Protection Statement

Our company takes pride in building welcoming, vibrant, and healthy environments for our guests and employees. We maintain our five-star resorts by applying attention to detail to all we do, including managing the environmental elements of our operations. Whether it’s integrating clean and renewable energy resources, creating drought tolerant landscapes, reducing single-use plastics, increasing waste diversion rates, or developing Zero Carbon – Zero Waste event services, our core principle of Caring About Everyone and Everything is always at the forefront of our business decisions.

Encore Boston Harbor is located in the watershed area along the banks of the Mystic River. The resort was built and is managed with environmental health as a top priority. The land and riverbed were fully remediated, removing harmful chemical toxins that dampened biological life. When building the coastal edge to the resort, we built a living shoreline of plants and organic material that would reestablish a habitat for river wildlife. These successful programs have brought more herring to the Mystic River than have been seen in decades.

At Encore Boston Harbor we continue to preserve the ecosystem that was rebuilt along the river. Our employees volunteer with the Mystic River Watershed Association’s water chestnut and shoreline cleanup events. These events support and rejuvenate healthy levels of oxygen for aquatic life in the Mystic River, as well as bring life back to the river’s trails and shorelines. Our outdoor landscaping is meticulously managed to avoid excess water runoff, ensuring that excess nutrients do not contribute to algae blooms in the Mystic River.

Climate Change Adaption Number of Lodging Facilities Located in 100-year Flood Zones


Using the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Map, we identified Encore Boston Harbor resort as located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

Wynn and Encore Las Vegas: No Flood Risk (Zone X: area of minimal flood hazard, outside the SFHA and higher than the elevation of the 0.2% annual-chance flood)

Encore Boston Harbor: Flood Risk (Zone AE: The Special Flood Hazard Area where base flood elevations are provided)

Source: U.S. National Flood Insurance Program

Using the FM Global Flood Risk analysis for the Macau Peninsula and Cotai, the 100- and 500-year flood levels for Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace were estimated to be 2.8 and 3.4 meters above the mean sea level. At both Wynn Palace and Wynn Macau, the ground-level elevation is about 4.5 meters above mean sea level, and the surrounding streets are at an elevation of 4.2 meters above mean sea level. The risk is deemed to be minimal.

Source: FM Global Flood Risk

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